Thursday, 6 August 2015

Its all gone a bit quiet in here !!

Well, time to try and reinvigorate this blog again !

Over the past 8 months I have started to take part in the 40k tournament scene a bit.

It started back in January when I took part in the Caledonian Uprising, after a little "Subtle" pressure from my mate Dave ! This was a 180 player tournament, and the 4th time I would have played the current edition of 40K ! so I went for it, played 5 games, lost 4 with 1 draw and had a brilliant time. I met some really good guys, and forged some strong bonds with my fellow club member who were also in attendance. I even managed to get a "Best Painted" Nomination, which was cool as It only took me 3 weeks to convert and paint it !!

So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and I was at the Caledonian Revolution Tournemant, again I was playing an army that I had only played with once, so I was not expecting great things, and I came 82 out of 86 !!! :0 - but again much fun was had, so I will be back in January. This is the army I took for the Caledonian Revolution:

1850 Squats (Counts as Iron Hand Marine with Ad Mech Allies)

Gyrocopter (Counts as Storm Raven)

Counts as Techmarines with Servitors

Living Ancestors (Counts as Mortis Pattern Contemptors)

Gun Carriages (Counts as Kataphron Breachers)

Squat Troops (Counts as Scouts)

Counts as Dominus

Saturday, 15 March 2014

We're S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G, We're shopping !

Hello to all,

Today's post is a review of a new online stores: "Element Games"

This online store also has a physical shop, so for me the guilt of buying from an online discounter is somewhat reduced !

I had not used these guys before, and were recommended by a friend (and an old Game Store owner)I pre-ordered one of he new Imperial Knights models and the Codex from them, a week before they were due to be released (Well the Knight was already released!)

My total order came to £88.00 ! not bad, considering the Imperial Knight is £85.00 alone ! Payment was done using my credit card, and was all very straight forward.

On the final page of the ordering section, I noticed a place to imput a "code" it was then I realized that this was the code I had been given by my friend, and typed it in:  I had earned "Double Crystals" and the owner of the code also received some. Now what are these Crystals then ?

For every £1 you spend at Element Games  you will receive 1 x "Crystal" - These are saved to your account and are worth 10p. These accumulate in your account, and can be used as payment against new orders ! which a pretty nice system for the customer, and a good Idea for the store, as it encourages returning custom.

BTW, here is a code for you to earn Double "Crystals" - RHY408

So, back to the order:

My Codex & Knight turned up on the Monday after the release date ! which is the same as if ordered from the GW website ! packaged in a sturdy brown box, which fitted the items (so no adverse movement in the box)

Sadly on opening my codex, several of the pages were stuck together, this has NOTHING to do with Element Games, as the book was in shrink wrap, so it came from GW like that.

 quick email to Element Games, and a replacement was sent that day !

All in all, this was a good shopping experience, and I will be using Element Games in the future.

Some bullet points for you:

. They are 15-25% cheaper than ALL Games Workshop stores
. They send your Pre - Ordered items on the same day as Games Workshop
. They offer free shipping on orders over £80.00 (lets face it, with GW's prices that's not hard to get to !!)
. They have excellent Customer service
. They have the "Crystal" System

Thanks for looking !

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Imperial Guard "Leaked Images"

Well, it would seem that we have has some leaked images for some new "Imperial Guard" Units & Vehicles.

I am very happy to see this, as some of you are aware my previous Guard Army was stolen, so I can now rebuild it, with all new models & rules

First up, we have this new "Transport" Vehicle.

This is a new aesthetic for the Imperial Guard, and my first thoughts were "Don't like it!". After looking at the model for a while, its starting to grow on me ! I like the idea of more "trucks" in the 40K universe, and I can see this model being looted for Ork Battlewagons (at a rumoured RRP of £29.99, its a lot cheaper than a Battle Wagon !) It would also be useful as the "front" to a Squat Land train - I am a member of a "Squat" Facebook page, as I am working on a Squat army for 40K (more on this later)

I think I might add some Wheels to the front for the "Half Track" look

Next up we have these guys:

Now, these are going by the name of "Militarum Tempestus Scions", this sounds like a rename of the good ol Storm Troopers (I think GW are soooo scared of there IP issues, that they are trying rename everything so it does not clash with other genres)

These appear to be a duel kit, as the description suggest that you can make a command squad from them !

I am so happy to finally see some Guard models in carapace armour ! no more trying to convert Marine scouts (They were always slightly to big !) - From the picture I can make out a grenade launcher, Hellguns (or whatever they are going to change it to!) , a banner (fairly obvious) and Perhaps some kind of Colonel torso (Loving that coat)

I really like the Berets, a nice nod to the classic plastic Storm Troopers

Overall I like the look of this kit, and priced at £21.00 its ia little cheaper that similar kits (Dire Avengers, Grey Knights etc) - Hopefully there will be a provision in the Codex to have these guys as a Troops choice.

This could be a shot of the Codex cover:

Looks to me like GW are dropping the name "Imperial Guard", again this could be inline with the whole "unique" IP issue or this could just be a supplement "Storm Trooper" Codex to the main Guard Codex

Lastly, some pricing !

I will update, as I get more information !

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Reviving the "Blog" and a new direction:

As some of you may know, myself and my wife Hilary no longer own "The Games Shop"  in Aldershot !

we sold the business as a going concern on the 31st December 2013, and it looks like its in good hands.

I have moved onto pastures new, and I am now a full time LEGO sculptor for Bright Bricks:

Hilary has started work for the SOSSEN Charity, who help parents with children who have special needs to get the Education they need and deserve:

I intend to use this blog in several ways, it will of course be primarily about my hobbies - LEGO and Warhammer, and I want to not only chart the progress of my own work, but also have set reviews, shop reviews (online & Bricks & Mortar) possible rumours and painting and modeling tips


I will review the new "Imperial Knight" model, along with the service I receive from a new online retailer that I have just discovered !

in the mean time, please make this blog a place you would like to visit, and of course share with your friends

Rhys Out !

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blowing the dust of this one !!!

Hi Guys,

I have neglected this blog of late, and I want to rectify that with a post about a "Kickstarter" project I am involved with:

Myself, and 2 other guys have come up with PDC Gaming, this will be a Plastic Sprue manufacturing company, making generic Sci Fi kits, for use in many 28mm games systems.

There are plenty of companies producing stuff in resin, which are incredibly good, and I use a lot of them. We feel that the "Plastics" market has not been explored, so we are !

Please take some time to take a look a look at our Kickstarter, and pledge if you are interested.

This is just the start, and if we get funding, then there are many other kits we want to produce.

Thanks for looking:

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A tutorial, of sorts !!

With the recent release of the new Ork Flyer, things have gone a little 'green' in my hobby world !

I have wanted to include some War Trak Scorchers in my army for a while now, well ever since this image was released about 4 years ago !

So armed with several Dethkopters, plastic card, and some lovely trak units from the old 'Robogear' range, I began the process:

Stage 1:
Take a standard Ork Dethkopter, and strip it all down, until you are left with this.

Keep hold of the 'Landing Ski's' these will be needed later ! - You can keep the other bits you remove, and put them in your bits box.

Stage 2:
Using some plastic rod and plastic 'L' beam make some front 'forks' ready to take some wheels.

Stage 3:
This is where those 'Landing Ski's' come in handy, Take a couple of small bits of plastic rod, and glue them to the side of the main body, then glue the 'Landing Ski's' upside down, creating 'mudguards'

At this point, you can glue a radiator to the front of the main body, I used the one from the Ork Trukk, but any 'grill' would do

Stage 4:
You need to make some track units at this point. now you could use GW tracks and wheels, but I bought some of these units from Ebay (they were £1.50 ish !!) and then promptly cast them in resin

Stage 5:
This is where you need to brake out the plastic rod ! make us a rough framework using the track units. the framework will need a 'flat' piece on top, as this is where the turret will be placed.

Stage 6:
The turret on my model was made from the GW Valkyrie 'Missle pod', an Ork Scorcha, some piping and a barrel from the GW Imperial Guard kits

Stage 7:
I took the internal small door from a GW Chimera kit, and placed on top of my framework, this is where the turret will go., I added some plastic 'T' section to the side for detail.

Stage 8:
The last stage is to put some wheels on the front forks, I used the wheels from and Ork Trukk, but any wheels will do (yes they are a funny colour, I 'may' have a mould for them, but its all for personal use !)

Also, its at this point you need to clean up any rough areas, with plasticard and green stuff

And done !!

I really like the way this turned out, kinda reminds me of my favourite 'Wacky Racer'

just need to make another 2 !

Thanks for looking !

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

WE >>>>ARE>>>THE>>>>ROBOTS !!!!

I just realised that these are not posted on here !!

This is my fully painted (yes FULLY painted) Adeptus Mechanicus Army (Using Codex: Chaos Space Marines)

The pictures were taken by my friend Paul Townsend over at The Hobby Brush for his 'Guest Gallery'

as always, its on to some piccys:

More images can be found HERE

Fabricator Hawings (Counts As: Chaos Marine Lord, on Palanquin with Deamon Weapon)

Household Knight (Counts as: Defiler)

Wraith Drones (Counts as: Obliterators)
Worker Drones (Counts as: Berserkers)

Guard Drones (Counts as: Plague Marines)

Heavy Robot: (Counts as: Dreadnought with 2 x Close Combat Weapons)
Adept (counts as: Sorcerer Lord)