Thursday 6 August 2015

Its all gone a bit quiet in here !!

Well, time to try and reinvigorate this blog again !

Over the past 8 months I have started to take part in the 40k tournament scene a bit.

It started back in January when I took part in the Caledonian Uprising, after a little "Subtle" pressure from my mate Dave ! This was a 180 player tournament, and the 4th time I would have played the current edition of 40K ! so I went for it, played 5 games, lost 4 with 1 draw and had a brilliant time. I met some really good guys, and forged some strong bonds with my fellow club member who were also in attendance. I even managed to get a "Best Painted" Nomination, which was cool as It only took me 3 weeks to convert and paint it !!

So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and I was at the Caledonian Revolution Tournemant, again I was playing an army that I had only played with once, so I was not expecting great things, and I came 82 out of 86 !!! :0 - but again much fun was had, so I will be back in January. This is the army I took for the Caledonian Revolution:

1850 Squats (Counts as Iron Hand Marine with Ad Mech Allies)

Gyrocopter (Counts as Storm Raven)

Counts as Techmarines with Servitors

Living Ancestors (Counts as Mortis Pattern Contemptors)

Gun Carriages (Counts as Kataphron Breachers)

Squat Troops (Counts as Scouts)

Counts as Dominus

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  1. Love it fella... Always unique and full of character. I would struggle with all the counts as shenanigans, but would do it myself if I had the skills :D