Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Its not all HQ's !

Just to show that I have not just built and painted the exciting stuff for my Red Scorpions, here are the rest of the Terminators and the Tacticle Marines. Just a note High Commander Cullen allows me to replace Sergeants in Tactical squads with Apothacaries, FEEL NO PAIN !

Monday, 25 October 2010

Red Scorpions - INCOMING !!!!

Ok well here is the 1st of my Red Scorpion Army update, I am hoping to use these in a 1000 point 'Boarding Action' battle on Wednesday.

I just finished the 'Green Stuff' on my High Commander Cullen figure, and once dry he will be ready for painting. I based the model on the cover of Imperial Armour 9 - The Badad War Pt 1

Here is what I ended up with !

I have also been working on more of the army, here are some shots of my Sternguard WIP, Terminators WIP and my finished Dreadnought:

Thursday, 21 October 2010

And the Witchcraft begins !

Now this is just scary !! - this could be the start of self replicating robots !! SKYNET here we come:


Day 1: At last I dip into Cyberspace !!

Well here we are, this is my 1st ever blog, so be gentle !

I will endevour to update this daily, but if that does not happen, there will be at least a weekly update !

I will use this page to blog all of the miniatures I build & paint for my wonderful and at times obsessive hobby !

I will also add links to items that to me are crazy and fantastic !, as those of you who know me, I see the WII console as witchcraft that I still cannot get my head around.......................................

I tend to change my mind A LOT !, so please bare with me, at least the updates will varied !

Firstly I will link you to the Badab War project that myself and my gaming buddies are running at The Games Shop, Aldershot in January next year http://badabwarrior.blogspot.com/