Tuesday, 17 April 2012

WE >>>>ARE>>>THE>>>>ROBOTS !!!!

I just realised that these are not posted on here !!

This is my fully painted (yes FULLY painted) Adeptus Mechanicus Army (Using Codex: Chaos Space Marines)

The pictures were taken by my friend Paul Townsend over at The Hobby Brush for his 'Guest Gallery'

as always, its on to some piccys:

More images can be found HERE

Fabricator Hawings (Counts As: Chaos Marine Lord, on Palanquin with Deamon Weapon)

Household Knight (Counts as: Defiler)

Wraith Drones (Counts as: Obliterators)
Worker Drones (Counts as: Berserkers)

Guard Drones (Counts as: Plague Marines)

Heavy Robot: (Counts as: Dreadnought with 2 x Close Combat Weapons)
Adept (counts as: Sorcerer Lord)