Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blowing the dust of this one !!!

Hi Guys,

I have neglected this blog of late, and I want to rectify that with a post about a "Kickstarter" project I am involved with:

Myself, and 2 other guys have come up with PDC Gaming, this will be a Plastic Sprue manufacturing company, making generic Sci Fi kits, for use in many 28mm games systems.

There are plenty of companies producing stuff in resin, which are incredibly good, and I use a lot of them. We feel that the "Plastics" market has not been explored, so we are !

Please take some time to take a look a look at our Kickstarter, and pledge if you are interested.

This is just the start, and if we get funding, then there are many other kits we want to produce.

Thanks for looking: