Thursday, 7 June 2012

A tutorial, of sorts !!

With the recent release of the new Ork Flyer, things have gone a little 'green' in my hobby world !

I have wanted to include some War Trak Scorchers in my army for a while now, well ever since this image was released about 4 years ago !

So armed with several Dethkopters, plastic card, and some lovely trak units from the old 'Robogear' range, I began the process:

Stage 1:
Take a standard Ork Dethkopter, and strip it all down, until you are left with this.

Keep hold of the 'Landing Ski's' these will be needed later ! - You can keep the other bits you remove, and put them in your bits box.

Stage 2:
Using some plastic rod and plastic 'L' beam make some front 'forks' ready to take some wheels.

Stage 3:
This is where those 'Landing Ski's' come in handy, Take a couple of small bits of plastic rod, and glue them to the side of the main body, then glue the 'Landing Ski's' upside down, creating 'mudguards'

At this point, you can glue a radiator to the front of the main body, I used the one from the Ork Trukk, but any 'grill' would do

Stage 4:
You need to make some track units at this point. now you could use GW tracks and wheels, but I bought some of these units from Ebay (they were £1.50 ish !!) and then promptly cast them in resin

Stage 5:
This is where you need to brake out the plastic rod ! make us a rough framework using the track units. the framework will need a 'flat' piece on top, as this is where the turret will be placed.

Stage 6:
The turret on my model was made from the GW Valkyrie 'Missle pod', an Ork Scorcha, some piping and a barrel from the GW Imperial Guard kits

Stage 7:
I took the internal small door from a GW Chimera kit, and placed on top of my framework, this is where the turret will go., I added some plastic 'T' section to the side for detail.

Stage 8:
The last stage is to put some wheels on the front forks, I used the wheels from and Ork Trukk, but any wheels will do (yes they are a funny colour, I 'may' have a mould for them, but its all for personal use !)

Also, its at this point you need to clean up any rough areas, with plasticard and green stuff

And done !!

I really like the way this turned out, kinda reminds me of my favourite 'Wacky Racer'

just need to make another 2 !

Thanks for looking !

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

WE >>>>ARE>>>THE>>>>ROBOTS !!!!

I just realised that these are not posted on here !!

This is my fully painted (yes FULLY painted) Adeptus Mechanicus Army (Using Codex: Chaos Space Marines)

The pictures were taken by my friend Paul Townsend over at The Hobby Brush for his 'Guest Gallery'

as always, its on to some piccys:

More images can be found HERE

Fabricator Hawings (Counts As: Chaos Marine Lord, on Palanquin with Deamon Weapon)

Household Knight (Counts as: Defiler)

Wraith Drones (Counts as: Obliterators)
Worker Drones (Counts as: Berserkers)

Guard Drones (Counts as: Plague Marines)

Heavy Robot: (Counts as: Dreadnought with 2 x Close Combat Weapons)
Adept (counts as: Sorcerer Lord)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Bring on the Big Lads !!!

On April 28th - 29th this year, The Games Shop, Aldershot will be hosting a 1750 point Warhammer 40,000 Tournament.

I have the chance to enter this tourney, so I decided to make a new army for it !, Now the rules state that all figures MUST be painted, and as I am in a 'Guard' mood at the moment, I decided to make a new Guard army, to fit with my current army.

This new army contains 30 Ogryns ! and as the Games Workshop models are £13.80 each (£414.00 in total), I have decided to convert them from Ogres (I started some of these years ago !)

So onto some piccys !

Group shot:

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let's get some paint on these bad boys !

Last friday, we held a Midnight Pre Release for the next Nagic: The Gathering set. So once all the players were all settled, I had about six hours to myself in the wee small hours !

I decided that this would be a good chance to get all the gold painted on all of the Custodes I have so far, including my Contemptor Dreadnought. So here is what I have so far:

Gold Recipe:

2 x coats of Brazen Brass
1 x Devlan Mud Wash
1 x Drybrush Brazen Brass
1 x Drybrush Brazen Brass & Glorious Gold (Vallejo) 50/50
1 x Glorious Gold (Vallejo)
1 x Drybrush Mithril Silver
1 x Gryphonne Sepia Wash

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Custodian Guard - Parts List

Ok, so I am sure that I will be asked this, so here is a run down of parts for a "Basic" trooper:

Plastic High Elf Pheonix Guard "Skirt"
Plastic High Elf White Lion "Boots"

Sanguinery Guard Torso front & back

Various Marine armes with, Chaos Warrior gloves

Shoulder Pads:
Sanguinery Guard and plain, with B/Angel 'Wings'

All from the Grey Knight Power Armour Box

Plastic High Elf Pheonix Guard

White Lions with Green Stuff or D/Elf Cold one riders

Phew !

CUSTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - sorry "Custodes"

So a New Year brings a new project (well several actually, but this one has actually been started!)

A few years ago (7 in fact) i made my first Custodian Guard squad, which appeaed in Dave Taylors article in the US edition of White Dwarf 300.

In the time since then, I have always had an idea to get an entire army up and running, and since the releas of the Grey Knight Codex, and many new plastic kits, I now feel I haqve the parts and rule set to do them justice.

I will stop waffling now, and show you some piccys !

A 'Constantin Valdor' type Character (counts as Brotherhood Champion)

Squad 1 (counts as Strike Squad)
Squad 2 (counts as Strike Squad)

Sisters Of Silence (Counts as =I= Crusaders)

There is a lot more to come - More troops, the =I= and warband, Landraider "Emporers Gift", Rhino and Contemptor Dreadnought (which Is actually built, but Forgeworld forgot to add any shoulders !!)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 - gonna use this blog a lot more this year !!

Hello, and Happy New Year !!!

I let this Blog 'slide' a little last year, but this year I am determined to keep on top of it !!!