Tuesday, 24 January 2012

CUSTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - sorry "Custodes"

So a New Year brings a new project (well several actually, but this one has actually been started!)

A few years ago (7 in fact) i made my first Custodian Guard squad, which appeaed in Dave Taylors article in the US edition of White Dwarf 300.

In the time since then, I have always had an idea to get an entire army up and running, and since the releas of the Grey Knight Codex, and many new plastic kits, I now feel I haqve the parts and rule set to do them justice.

I will stop waffling now, and show you some piccys !

A 'Constantin Valdor' type Character (counts as Brotherhood Champion)

Squad 1 (counts as Strike Squad)
Squad 2 (counts as Strike Squad)

Sisters Of Silence (Counts as =I= Crusaders)

There is a lot more to come - More troops, the =I= and warband, Landraider "Emporers Gift", Rhino and Contemptor Dreadnought (which Is actually built, but Forgeworld forgot to add any shoulders !!)


  1. They look beautiful! Your converting skills were always way above par though, kudos!

  2. Wow they are really good , my son has always wanted custodes . now i can do them for him , cheers ;-)

  3. So, question... Where did you get those sisters of silence torsos/ heads? I am doing some sisters of silence and I ran into a bits problem where the bits I am using look good but are from old models and I can't find any more :(



  4. They are older style Dark Eldar warriors torsos, and Reaver Jet Biker heads

  5. nice work what are the legs from?really the best iv seen ilike the slender look