Friday, 26 November 2010

More Exodites !!!

Well its been a long time since my last uodate, but I have been operated on by the NHS during that time, all is good now, so here is a little update:

Firstly, these are my Exodite 'Counts as' Incubi:
Next up are my Exodite 'Counts as' Wyches
And lastly some more work on the 'Counts as' Ravager:

I need to work on the fancy names and codex etc, but I am really enjoying making these at the moment, and I should get some paint on them pretty soon !

Thursday, 4 November 2010

From Scorpions to Dragons !

Since the 2nd Edition Eldar Codex I have always had a passion for the Exodite Dragon Riders. I have played around with creating some of these figures for many years, and I have made a few ! but I was never really satisfied with the outcome.

Luckily Games Workshop have become one of the best Plastic figure makers in the business, which means they have now made plastic High Elf Dragon Princes, Plastic Cold One Knights and the fantastic new Dark Eldar range.

With this fantastic assortment of bits at my disposal, I have taken the plunge again and started an Exodite Army !! - (Thanks to Rupert Hammerton - Fraser for his imput into The Exodites !)

Fear not the 'Red Scorpions' will be finished, this is just a 'Work in Progress', 'back burner' project.

Anyway, here are some progress shots:

Dragon Riders and Mounts: (counts as Dark Eldar Hellions)

Carnosaur: (counts as Dark Eldar Raider/Ravager)