Sunday, 9 March 2014

Imperial Guard "Leaked Images"

Well, it would seem that we have has some leaked images for some new "Imperial Guard" Units & Vehicles.

I am very happy to see this, as some of you are aware my previous Guard Army was stolen, so I can now rebuild it, with all new models & rules

First up, we have this new "Transport" Vehicle.

This is a new aesthetic for the Imperial Guard, and my first thoughts were "Don't like it!". After looking at the model for a while, its starting to grow on me ! I like the idea of more "trucks" in the 40K universe, and I can see this model being looted for Ork Battlewagons (at a rumoured RRP of £29.99, its a lot cheaper than a Battle Wagon !) It would also be useful as the "front" to a Squat Land train - I am a member of a "Squat" Facebook page, as I am working on a Squat army for 40K (more on this later)

I think I might add some Wheels to the front for the "Half Track" look

Next up we have these guys:

Now, these are going by the name of "Militarum Tempestus Scions", this sounds like a rename of the good ol Storm Troopers (I think GW are soooo scared of there IP issues, that they are trying rename everything so it does not clash with other genres)

These appear to be a duel kit, as the description suggest that you can make a command squad from them !

I am so happy to finally see some Guard models in carapace armour ! no more trying to convert Marine scouts (They were always slightly to big !) - From the picture I can make out a grenade launcher, Hellguns (or whatever they are going to change it to!) , a banner (fairly obvious) and Perhaps some kind of Colonel torso (Loving that coat)

I really like the Berets, a nice nod to the classic plastic Storm Troopers

Overall I like the look of this kit, and priced at £21.00 its ia little cheaper that similar kits (Dire Avengers, Grey Knights etc) - Hopefully there will be a provision in the Codex to have these guys as a Troops choice.

This could be a shot of the Codex cover:

Looks to me like GW are dropping the name "Imperial Guard", again this could be inline with the whole "unique" IP issue or this could just be a supplement "Storm Trooper" Codex to the main Guard Codex

Lastly, some pricing !

I will update, as I get more information !