Saturday, 1 March 2014

Reviving the "Blog" and a new direction:

As some of you may know, myself and my wife Hilary no longer own "The Games Shop"  in Aldershot !

we sold the business as a going concern on the 31st December 2013, and it looks like its in good hands.

I have moved onto pastures new, and I am now a full time LEGO sculptor for Bright Bricks:

Hilary has started work for the SOSSEN Charity, who help parents with children who have special needs to get the Education they need and deserve:

I intend to use this blog in several ways, it will of course be primarily about my hobbies - LEGO and Warhammer, and I want to not only chart the progress of my own work, but also have set reviews, shop reviews (online & Bricks & Mortar) possible rumours and painting and modeling tips


I will review the new "Imperial Knight" model, along with the service I receive from a new online retailer that I have just discovered !

in the mean time, please make this blog a place you would like to visit, and of course share with your friends

Rhys Out !

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