Saturday, 15 March 2014

We're S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G, We're shopping !

Hello to all,

Today's post is a review of a new online stores: "Element Games"

This online store also has a physical shop, so for me the guilt of buying from an online discounter is somewhat reduced !

I had not used these guys before, and were recommended by a friend (and an old Game Store owner)I pre-ordered one of he new Imperial Knights models and the Codex from them, a week before they were due to be released (Well the Knight was already released!)

My total order came to £88.00 ! not bad, considering the Imperial Knight is £85.00 alone ! Payment was done using my credit card, and was all very straight forward.

On the final page of the ordering section, I noticed a place to imput a "code" it was then I realized that this was the code I had been given by my friend, and typed it in:  I had earned "Double Crystals" and the owner of the code also received some. Now what are these Crystals then ?

For every £1 you spend at Element Games  you will receive 1 x "Crystal" - These are saved to your account and are worth 10p. These accumulate in your account, and can be used as payment against new orders ! which a pretty nice system for the customer, and a good Idea for the store, as it encourages returning custom.

BTW, here is a code for you to earn Double "Crystals" - RHY408

So, back to the order:

My Codex & Knight turned up on the Monday after the release date ! which is the same as if ordered from the GW website ! packaged in a sturdy brown box, which fitted the items (so no adverse movement in the box)

Sadly on opening my codex, several of the pages were stuck together, this has NOTHING to do with Element Games, as the book was in shrink wrap, so it came from GW like that.

 quick email to Element Games, and a replacement was sent that day !

All in all, this was a good shopping experience, and I will be using Element Games in the future.

Some bullet points for you:

. They are 15-25% cheaper than ALL Games Workshop stores
. They send your Pre - Ordered items on the same day as Games Workshop
. They offer free shipping on orders over £80.00 (lets face it, with GW's prices that's not hard to get to !!)
. They have excellent Customer service
. They have the "Crystal" System

Thanks for looking !

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